Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazon Kindle - and other eBook Platforms

The entry cost to published author has dropped dramatically thanks to the internet. Now with the Amazon Kindle and similar epublishing options - anyone with a book can publish with very little time and investment.

Do you have a special talent or skill? Turn your "know how" into a 50 page "how to" and upload to Amazon and you are in business!

Too busy to write? Hire a freelance writer on or somewhere else to write for you. For a surprisingly small investment - you now have a completed manuscript to start selling online.

TIP: If you do hire a freelancer, tell them upfront you want it formatted to Amazon's exact specifications to save you the time of a complete reformat!

You don't even have to own a Kindle to start your own Amazon Kindle publishing business. Of course, I highly recommend you take a look...

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi


Friday, December 14, 2007

A Blueprint For Easy Affiliate Commissions

All I can say is "WOW!". "Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate" is the best, all inclusive guide I have seen to date.

If you are not making enough money from the internet you need to check out this website!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Free 10 Day "Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp"

"Free 10-Day Boot Camp Reveals The Revolutionary Strategy That Allowed This Broke 26-Year-Old Restaurant Waiter to Turn a Failing Home Business Into a Sizzling Hot Six-Figure Cash Cow in Less Than 4 Months From His Bedroom!"

If you are serious about network marketing - you can not afford to miss the marketing approach that Mike Dillard is sharing here.

Generic training. Great Concepts! I highly recommend you sign up for his Free 10 Day Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp

Nothing to lose!


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Passive Income Stream - Very Simple!

The buzz phrase of the decade seems to be "multiple streams of income". A close second is "residual or passive income". Get an easy one here!

By now, we've all read a couple books, signed up for a couple things, maybe even tried a couple real estate deals, etc, in pursuit of this dream. How is it working out for you? I am guessing that, like me, you've learned it takes some work and often investment, risk, patience, and more work to have one of these 'passive streams of income'.

Amazingly, despite 'multiple' failures, I am finding multiple streams of income! I just signed a deal last month for a ten year note on a piece of real estate - earning 8.5% interest on $60,000. I also have a growing, network marketing business, receive monthly google adsense income, amazon affiliate income, and (as my readers have noticed) now am receiving traffic arbitrage income.

I am going to outline a VERY SIMPLE way that you can set up an income stream that requires very little maintenance here. I am so excited about this opportunity that I am doing it at ten times the level I outline below. Bottom line: invest half an hour right now & receive growing, monthly checks! No selling. At all. Here it is:

WHAT: Through the MPAM opportunity, earn monthly bonuses on TRAFFIC ARBITRAGE.

MINIMUM PROFIT POTENTIAL: If you don't want to learn anything, or invest any TIME, expect earnings of 20 to 40% monthly. This means that if you invest $100 - you can expect to get back $120 to $140 next month. Reinvest your $100, keep the difference, and earn $20 to $40 a month. Of course, this is EXTREMELY conservative. I recommend that you reinvest at least a portion of your profits so that your check is growing each month.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME?: To make this at all meaningful, you will have two types of investments; time and money. Time: Expect to spend half an hour to set this up (for an internet newbie) and ten minutes each MONTH. Money: Expect to invest $100 your first month, $101 your second month, and $120 your third month. Total out of pocket $321. Note: Three hundred dollars of this 'cost' is really like an investment. You will get it back with your profits. I am participating at a level ten times greater than this ($1000 per month for three months). My monthly check for life is $1400 to $1800. I am reinvesting the $1000 and keeping the rest. :-)

HOW DO I DO THIS?: I will outline ALL IT TAKES TO SET THIS UP right here:

1) Open a PayPal account if you don't already have one. Click here if you don't.
2) Sign up for MPAM. First month free, second month one US dollar, third month $29.95. Click here to sign up.
3) Log into MPAM and purchase blocks of the Traffic Arbitrage Pool (link on left of member page). Each block is $25. I recommend a minimum of 4 blocks - or $100.

That's it! Once a month, on, or around the 16th, you will need to buy blocks for the next months pool. And you will get profits every month!

You actually get paid a little over two months after your first investment. That is why I listed the minimum investment as $321 - instead of $100. This $321 is spread over three months & right after you make your third purchase, you will get your first check back.

This is the easiest 'stream of passive income' that I've come across. I honestly believe that you are crazy if you don't do this.

Here are extra or 'bonus' ways to turn this monthly check into SERIOUS money. None of these are required to earn the above income. Any ONE of these will improve your results:

1) Invest more MONEY and benefit from the insane monthly returns of 139% to 189%
2) Starting month four, reinvest a portion of your PROFITS to build your monthly check.
3) Invest some TIME (if you have it instead of money) to earn from MPAM's courses on: free traffic to your website; building a niche site; affiliate sales; etc
4) Refer some friends to this great opportunity and earn monthly from MPAM's affiliate program.

To sum this up: I expect to profit AT LEAST $6000 every year from my initial investment of $3021 in 2005. I am not going to put all my eggs in this basket - this is simply one more "Stream of Passive Income" for us. $6000 pays one month's bills for my family of five! How exciting is that! Maybe you can't participate yet on this level - but an investment of $321 will pay AT LEAST $600 a year in passive income. Reinvest a little and you will have enough for a great vacation, Or to feed another passive stream of income. You get the picture. Now go back and take the three steps!

If you have any questions - please email me or post a comment. I would be more than happy to help you get this set up. My email address is:


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Traffic Arbitrage Return in 30 days - 169%!

Wow! If you've followed my blog at all - you know that I've been excited about the new concept of "Traffic Arbitrage". You can read more about it in my previous posts - but here are the highlights:

1) I don't know how to do it - but I understand the concept
2) MPAM members can participate in a pool for monthly Arbitrage.
3) My November investment ($250) is up 161% to date - with 186% projected!

Here are the details from my MPAM site:

"November to date (24th Nov) - Earnings $10,488.46 - Current Share Value - $40.34 (161% profit) - Projected Per Share - $50.43 - Less Admin - $4.03 - Net Return Per Share (Projected) $46.39 (186%)"

The December pool is sold out. I bought $1000 worth. The January pool opens December 16th. Do you want any of this free money? You can buy in units of $25.

Sign up free here: Join MPAM here


Monday, November 21, 2005

My New Online Marketing Presence

If you know me well - you probably already know about my newest business - Agel Enterprises. Its been 30 days and everything I thought it was going to be has been met and exceeded!

This really is the right time at the right place.

I've just added my 'turn-key' internet marketing presence to simplify my recruitment process. You can take a look at the backbone of my system here:

Best Opportunity!


Friday, November 18, 2005

60 Day Opportunity - Paid to Promote

Imagine this (true) senario:

You 'promote' an upcoming training event in January. For every ten people you get to the conference, you earn $50,000 a year for the rest of you life. How many people can you get to the conference?

Here are some details:

The conference lasts parts of three days (Friday night, all day Saturday & Sunday morning).
The conference is being taught by three millionaires in the network marketing industry.
It will be fun and exciting.
There is an investment required.
The conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia.
You have to come too.
Each person you bring will be taught how to become a self-made millionaire - but most won't do it.
If you happen to bring someone who DOES take it to heart - he/she will make you a millionaire too.

Are you interested? I am happy to show you exactly how it works. Call me, or email me for more information.

970-704-1716 (Mountain Standard Time)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Traffic Arbitrage Opportunity - Small Window

I wrote previously about this fairly new concept of 'traffic arbitrage'. As you can see from the cut and paste below, my purchase in November is earning me a projected 187%. I am out of pocket for approximately 60 days on the purchase - so annualized, the projected return is 1122%!

This opportunity is limited in several ways:

1) It sells out FAST
2) Returns like this rarely last - others will get in the game as the weeks/months pass
3) You have to be a MPAM member

Sign up for your membership here:

Join MPAM - First Month Free. Second Month $1.00

Here is the copy and paste from this morning:

"Naturally past performance is not necessarily a guarantee of future performance, but I am confident of a continuing profit.

Therefore I have decided to offer you the opportunity to be involved in this and earn some money yourself, with no effort at all on your part!

I have created an Arbitrage Co-Op - with shares available at $25 each. Only MPAM members may purchase them, although you can of course buy shares on behalf of someone else.

I do not make any guarantees on returns, but on the basis of previous performance September was 171% return, October 215% and projected 187% November return.

At the end of each co-op (month) I will deduct 8% from any profits to pay for PayPal fees, hosting and bandwidth and my time managing the co-op, then the remaining income from the relevant websites will be divided by the number of shares.

For example, on the basis of October's performance:

One share costs $25 x 2.15 = $53.75 less admin costs of $4.30 = $49.45 payment to you.

Five shares cost $125 x 2.15 = $268.75 less admin costs of $21.50 = $247.25 payment to you.

The PPC systems we will be using pay by cheque 30 days after the end of the month, so any profits will be paid to you approximately one week after that.

Earnings in November will be paid to you first week of January, earnings in December will be paid first week of February, etc.

Unless otherwise arranged payments will be made to your PayPal account.

The details above will be updated every day or two so you can track progress of the co-op.

IMPORTANT: This is not an investment, it is a co-operative. I am offering no guarantee of returns or results whatsoever.

If you wish to participate in the December co-op you can buy one or more shares now at $25 each.

Earnings at this point seem to be only limited by how much we can put into the co-op - the more funds available - the more websites we can generate traffic to - the more income we can generate - I am creating 2 new websites per day at the moment.

Each site generates different levels of income, e.g. our Call Center site is generating 303%, our asbestos site is 420%, african safaris 246%, breast cancer 253% etc.

There are also a few duds such as our archery site - 45% - gardening 64%

But my constant monitoring ensures an overall profit :-)

There are 1887 shares from 2,000 remaining, and there is no limit on the number of shares each member can purchase"

Sign up for MPAM here:

Join MPAM - First Month Free. Second Month $1.00


ยป capital's

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Opportunity in Denver on November 17th

Would you like to meet someone who has made millions of dollars in several different network marketing companies? Would you like to see what he is excited about now? Would you like to shake his hand and have the opportunity to ask him some questions?

Eric Worre is coming to Denver on November 17th. He is going to spend a couple hours - at no cost - with a very small group of people. He will explain how you can earn a significant income (five figures monthly) working from home.

I guarantee you will walk away from these two hours with information and contacts that can change your life!

Contact me ASAP if you want to attend. I will make sure you have a seat and give you directions.

Opportunity it knocking!


PS - If you want more information before contacting me, listen to Eric's recorded overview here: 1-620-294-1909

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Internet Income for the Newbie - Quality link for the Pro

You should take a look at WritingUp.

I'll let the website explain itself - but here are the highlights:

* For the newbie - great introduction to blog creation. Couldn't be easier
* If you have a google adsense account already - this is just too easy to pass up
* If you have a website already (blog or anything) you can create quality links from here to boost your search engine rankings

Ten minutes on this site - whenever the urge to write hits you - and you will gradually be building up adsense income & quality links


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Great Opportunity!

I promise not to turn this blog into an advertisement BUT I have to tell you I've found the best thing I've found in a LONG time! If you are looking for a great opportunity to work from home - listen to this recorded call from my partner, Eric Worre:


If you like what you hear, contact me. I will invest a little money in you & send you some samples and media kit for further evaluation.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Best Book Ever on Network Marketing!

Just like with any profession - network marketing takes work and education. I do plan to post the occasional reviews of specific companies, along with many of my opinions and experience with Network Marketing - but for now I would like to state the following two things:

1) I believe that network marketing is here to stay and it will continue to mature. I also think it is simply the best opportunity available on many levels.

2) The best, most practical book I've ever read (and I've read a bunch) is written by Mark Yarnell and entitled "Your first Year in Network Marketing". It is the only book I recommend to my serious recruits. I've read it three times in the past couple years and firmly believe it has saved my many months of common mistakes!

See this Book Here!